Geo Trax Display


Fisher Price was releasing their new train brand called Geo Trax and asked ImageWorks to come up with a fully interactive Playtable. ImageWorks’ goal was to make a display that was fully interactive for the consumer, durable enough to withstand the regular abuse in a “hands-on” store environment, safe to prevent any injuries while interacting with all the different stations, and came in under the estimated budget.


ImageWorks designed the play table by securing 3 table tops together and permanently securing all train tracks to it. All three table tops have different types of interactivity to allow several children to interact with it at the same time.


Once these units hit the floor, they were an instant hit and immediately increased sales in each store that they were displayed in. The Geo Trax product was launched into the toy world and was in the top 10 Christmas toys in 2010.

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