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Every step of our process ensures a successful production

We develop an overall strategy, working in concert with all internal resources, while protecting the design integrity throughout the prototyping, engineering and production phases. Through our extensive knowledge of our customers and their needs, we provide creative solutions and the infrastructure to service them. This enables us to deliver practical innovations with an efficient schedule.


Our clients look to us for innovative solutions to their merchandising challenges; solutions that break through the growing clutter at retail. ImageWorks has a full-time creative staff with years of retail merchandising experience and the awards to prove it. Armed with the very latest in computer technology and software, we are ready to deliver excellence.


The engineering team takes a functional approach to engineering with a special focus on ease of retail implementation. We take great care to balance the creative design with the structural, functional, budgetary and manufacturing requirements of each project.
We strive for flawless execution, as our team develops complete and thorough production prints and specs for each project, controlling the minute details of production; the devil truly is in the details. We continuously refine production processes and materials to match the most appropriate resources to every opportunity.

Prototype Development

Our on-site model shop produces a range of items from early stage mock-ups to fully functional prototypes that precisely replicate a production quality display. Our experienced craftsmen work with state of the art equipment, focused on detail, quality and service to produce superior samples and prototypes. This gives the customer a true picture of the end product, ensuring satisfaction throughout the process. Our on-site equipment includes: Custom spray booth capacities, CNC machines, Vacuum former, Wood and metal fabrication, SLA & FDM Sample part production.

Materials and Processes

Proficiency in production processes, assembly and quality assurance are executed with the goal of surpassing our client’s expectations. We have developed innovative, nationwide alliances tailored to serving our client’s needs. These strategic partnerships afford us the resources and skills necessary to respond quickly to our clients’ unique requirements. Our main production facility, centrally located in the Midwest, has a state of the art bar code inventory system, providing real time component parts and finished goods inventory information to support our “on time” delivery goals!

Warehousing and Distribution

Our project managers coordinate all logistics supply chain tasks and documentation from the finishing location, warehouse, or distribution centers to the final retail destination. Whether your needs call for drop shipping, small package, LTL freight or full load movement of your displays, we work closely with our client’s distributions group to understand all logistics requirements. In addition, we are fully staffed to provide warehousing and distribution as an integral part to our post-production support and can offer assistance with programs requiring outside installation services.

Project Management

Project managers are responsible for coordinating and facilitating every aspect of the project from design through to production and delivery. The diverse backgrounds of our project management team provide expertise in all of our manufacturing processes, from injection molding to specialty printing. Our professionals are responsible for developing and maintaining an excellent rapport with each and every client providing value added service and quality that is second to none. This expert, beginning to end project management is a key ImageWorks advantage!

Sales Support

Sales develops an in depth knowledge of our customer’s strategic plans and needs, providing our customers with a unique expert perspective rarely found in the industry. This experience grows in value as we interact with our clients merchandising and brand marketing professionals in the field, at headquarters and throughout the organization. The Sales department is an integral part of the ImageWorks project development team, from concept to final production.

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